Year 10 - Clock Manufacture

The  manufacture of a clock is a recent addition to our collection of projects. It allows pupils to design and manufacture their very own project enabling them to display their flair for design and expertise in many manufacturing processes. Each pupil is given either a circular or square shaped MDF clock face with a pre-drilled hole in the centre to allow a clock mechanism and hands to be fitted. Pupils do not have to opt for this clock face - they can choose to manufacture their own from plastic, metal or wood if they wish.

After selecting a clock face many pupils decide to paint a base layer onto the MDF. This should be done carefully as it improves the finish on the final product.

A second coat can now be applied or a chosen design painted or various materials can be joined onto the clock face. Pupils can select from different colours of plastic, sheet metal - namely aluminium and copper, wood and manufactured board.

Whatever material is selected it must be finished to a high standard using a series of different processes, for example filing, sanding, painting, polishing etc.

The sheet metal is cut and shaped on a metalwork guillotine. Care must be taken when using this as the blade is very sharp and fingers could become trapped. To ensure a product is safe then any sharp metal edges or corners should be filed and then sanded. Metal can also be polished on the pedestal polisher making sure that the appropriate mop heads have been fitted.

There are various methods available to join the materials of your choice to the clock face, these include hot glue, tensol cement, wood glue, screws, nails etc. You must always remember that you need to attach the clock mechanism to complete your clock and allowances should be made to allow the minute, hour and second hands to rotate without obstruction from any material.

The clock is a very open ended project whereby you are expected to come up with your own personal design. There are many materials and processes available to you, so being creative is very important here. 

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