Year - 9 USB Mood Light Project.

In this page you will find all the information you need to complete the Mini Light project.

The circuit

  • In this section the components are soldered onto the pre-drilled PCB board.

  • The photos below you can see the circuit before any components were inserted or soldered onto it.  

  • This side of the board has tracks of wire etched on to it and they conduct the current around the circuit.

  • In the photos below you can see the circuit at various stages of manufacture. 

  • In order to make the battery clip secure,  the red and black wires are fed through a hole before being soldered. This means that the battery clip should not pull out easily. 




Circuit components

For this circuit to work you need to input a number of different components.

  • 1x LED

  • 1x Resistor

  • 1x Switch

  • 1x USB Power supply lead


Images for the circuit components and their symbols are shown below.

Tools required to build a circuit

Below are images, names and descriptions of the tools needed to manufacture a circuit.

Manufacturing The Housing

The housing for the Mini Light project is designed to hold the circuit. It was made from 1 piece of acrylic and a square of Norway Spruce wood. 


  • To begin, the edges of the acrylic was cleaned using wet and dry sand paper. Once the edges were free from scratches the polisher was used to buff the edges to a nice smooth finish.

  • A template was then used to mark out the positions of the holes. A cordless drill was then used to drill a hole in each location.

  • The line bender was then used along with 2 bending jigs to bend the housing to shape.

  • The piece of Norway Spruce was then cut in half making two triangles. They were then stuck together using double sided tape.

  • The pieces of Norway Spruce were then sanded so they were the same shape/size.

  • The housing was then assembled and the circuit was inserted into the housing to complete.

    See images below


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