Year 8 - Folder Manufacture


Your folder is manufactured using white faced MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which is a manmade board. In order to complete this task you require a jig, a pair of scissors, some duct tape, a pedestal drill and a logo!!!!!!

A jig is a piece of equipment which has been made to help complete a procedure, it has wooden strips to help you lay your MDF out accurately. 

Place the MDF (white side facing upwards) onto the jig. Duct tape is extended the length of the jig ensuring that it is straight, centred, and doesn't crease. Now cut with scissors.

You must now carefully turn the two pieces of joined MDF over so that the brown side is facing upwards. Then fold the excess pieces of duct tape downwards neatly.

To give the folder added strength, improve appearance and to avoid booklets sticking to the duct tape another piece of tape is attached inside the folder on top of the existing tape. However this piece of tape is a little shorter - just shorter than the overall length of the folder. 

To complete the folder you must now drill a hole using the pedestal drill. This hole allows you to tie your folder together using a ribbon, piece of string or an old shoelace so your booklets do not fall out!

Then you have to design a personal logo for the front of your folder so it can be easily identified. This logo must have your name or initials on it, a graphic and be brightly coloured.

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