Using Machines

Health & Safety

When using any machine in the workshop there are a number of health and safety precautions that you should take:

  • Goggles, an apron and sturdy shoes should be worn at all times. 

  • Heat resistant gloves should be worn is working with machines that use heat.

  • Loose clothing, long hair should be tied back/secured.

  • You should never wear jewellery when using a machine. 

  • You should never use a machine without the teacher demonstrating how it works. 

  • An area is marked around each machine with a yellow line. Only 1 person is allowed inside the yellow line at a time. 

  • You should never distract, talk to or try to rush someone that is using a machine. 

  • You should always take care to keep your hands away from moving parts.

  • You should be familiar with how the machine stops and where the nearest emergency stop button is.

  • You should ensure that the machine is safe to use, you work piece is held securely and where appropriate, all safety guards are closed in position.

Below are some of the machines found in the Technology workshop.


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